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hi knitters!

we are moving our studio. our shop is temporarily closed while we move to our new digs. we will back with lots of yarn in july. until then - happy knitting!




hi knitters!

can you tell we are blue at numma numma?

i think we’ve had a little too much rain in georgia. a few too many storm clouds. a few too many days in galoshes and raincoats.

but all the raindrops and sprinkles and mist and mud inspired some great colorways in our new base yarn - the usual DK. we are really excited to offer this new choice for your projects that need a slightly larger gauge.

the usual DK is a cable-constructed, 8-ply superwash merino, and we think its creation is really just genius. first the mill carefully combs our superfine merino and spins what looks like an ordinary 2-ply laceweight. then they ply four ends of the laceweight to create a nice, round, balanced DK weight just for us. its spring and bounce and loft has definitely made it a new favorite around here, and we really hope you enjoy it too!

the usual DK is put up in 3.5 ounce skeins of 270 yards and will carry a retail price of twenty dollars per skein.

also - and this is big - we get TONS of requests for mini skeins. and we have lots of them. and we would love to offer them to y’all. but getting them in a package that makes sense has been a real puzzle. last week in the studio, we were messing around with all of the little mini skeins we have around here and came up with yarn cakes. i know, right? now why was this so difficult?

we have created a variety of cakes. some can be used for hexipuffs and larger blanket squares and multicolor projects (like leftie). some are intended for the traditional sock yarn blankie that requires about 5 grams per square. (we will give the details about the cakes in the individual listings.) this first offering is mainly our toasty base yarn, but there are already more in the works. they range in weight from 105-125 grams with a retail price of twenty-five dollars regardless of weight. unfortunately, we will not be able to duplicate these exactly, but we will continue to offer new cakes in the future. they look delicious!

all of these goodies will be available in the shop tomorrow, sunday, march 3rd, at 3:30 pm EST. (we couldn’t resist the 3.3.3:30 thing…)

we hope to see you tomorrow - until then - happy knitting!




happy new year!

we are celebrating the new year with free shipping to anywhere on all orders over $100. between now and midnight on december 31st, simply use the code HAPPYNEWYEAR at checkout, and the shipping is on us!

thank you for allowing us to serve you this year. we feel incredibly blessed that you continue to choose numma numma.

we will not have a regular update in january, but you will be able to find numma numma somewhere in january... you'll have to tune in mid-month for the details. we are really excited about our latest partnership and can't wait to tell you all about it.

until then, happy knitting!




hi knitters!

we wanted to make you aware of something that we have just discovered about our usual base yarn. for years, we have had our mill wind skeins for us. they were not as meticulous about winding as we are, but they did a pretty good job, so it all worked out. over the last year, their skein winding became less and less reliable, and we decided to take this task back from the mill.

all the years that they wound for us, we ordered skeins of the usual that were 500 yards in length and five ounces in weight. from time to time we checked them for quality control and always found a bit more yardage, but a little more than expected isn’t bad, right?

so now numma numma has hired an incredibly meticulous skein winder, and she wound skeins into perfect 500 yard skeins… but they weighed 130g - just under 5 ounces. we check. we double-check. we measure. we fret. we call the mill. it turns out that the mill had been winding 500 meter skeins all these years (or 550 yard skeins), and those 500m skeins weigh 150g or 5 ounces.

this means if you own 150g skeins in your stash, they actually contain 550 yards. and going forward, we will wind 550 yard skeins, and we will change the labels and ravelry to reflect the correct yardage to weight information. however, for the pre-orders we dyed recently, we dyed 500 yard skeins that weigh about 130g (or just over 4.5 ounces).

i need to emphasize - - there has been no change to the base yarn - this has just been a misunderstanding around the metric and english systems of measurement.

we are offering the knitters who pre-ordered yarn the option of taking the 500 yard skein (yardage as was listed on our website and here in ravelry) for a discounted price because the weight of the 500 yard skein is actually 130g. since we price this yarn by weight and not yardage, we thought that would be a fair option.

we are also offering to redo the yarn in 550yd (150g) skeins if the knitter so chooses, and of course, we are allowing order cancellations as well.

knitters are making their decisions now, and it looks like we will have a number of these lighter-weight skeins available when the decisions are done. so, we will have a small update to the big cartel shop with those skeins of the usual on tuesday, december 18th, beginning at 9 am EST.

these skeins will be offered at a discounted price of $26/skein, and there are very limited quantities. orders placed tuesday will ship no later than thursday, december 19th and may arrive before the christmas holiday. as always, we offer complimentary gift wrapping, and we are happy to ship your gift order to an address different from yours (additional shipping charges apply to single orders shipped to multiple addresses).

happy knitting!




hello knitters!

i cannot believe how time has flown! next week is thanksgiving here in the united states, and i must say that i am most thankful for all of you.

we have been going through some growing pains here at chez numma numma, and i have wonderful job with customers and friends that allows me to focus on my family if i need to do that. it really doesn’t get better than that. thank you all.

between crises, i’ve been knitting a bit. see above my quill by jared flood. i chose happy hour for this one. i have never knit a large project with that yarn, and it is really dreamy to knit. i really could not be more pleased. it screams autumn which is just my favorite time of year!

working on this project reminded me of all of the wonderful yarns we have right in the in the shop. and we decided to combine our gratitude for your support and our desire for all of you to try a new yarn base in a first time ever black friday sale!

next friday, november 23rd, beginning at midnight and continuing all day, you can enter the code TGIF at the numma numma site (or on ravelry for patterns) to receive 20% off you entire order! and we’re actually not stopping there... remember we promised something un-usual in october. well, we just missed it by a month... but beginning at noon on cyber monday (nov. 26) and continuing all week long [as long as the yarn lasts], we are going to be offering the usual on a dye to order basis! y’all have been asking for this, and we finally feel like we can do it. this is the time that you can plan that larger project or do the colorwork in exactly the colors you want. this is really an exciting opportunity for us, and we are so happy to be able to offer this to you. orders placed that week will ship on or before dec. 17th.

okay now... time to plan those projects. again, we are so thankful for all of you. thank you for continuing to choose numma numma. have a great weekend!


mark your calendars!

black friday sale [featuring 20% off all in-stock yarns and ravelry patterns]: friday, nov. 23, all day long

november update [featuring the usual dyed to order]: cyber monday through friday, nov 26-30, beginning at noon EST monday.